Process: How This Works For You | Erin Kuntze, Psy. D.

Working in this way has the potential to enhance your relationships, deepen them, strengthen them, and to inspire you to continually reflect on your own behavior.

It can be incredibly frustrating to repeat the same behaviors, dynamics and/or relationship patterns over and over without any understanding of how or why. Thus, an important step in the healing process is identifying emotions and behaviors that are strongly rooted in the past. Acknowledging and understanding the true source of feelings can help navigate relationships more honestly and effectively.

Week to week, I will remain open and flexible in your sessions, and keep a meta-sense of our journey together in mind. Even so, the path you're on is rarely clear when we're in the thick of it, which can make therapy feel disorienting at times and quite exciting at others.

By being present with yourself in this way, you will gain greater emotional awareness and psychological development, which can strengthen your sense of confidence, self-acceptance, and responsibility in daily life. This will extend into a greater capacity for intimacy, allowing you to experience more meaning and pleasure in your life with an improved ability to navigate relationships. There's the potential to increase your ability to manage strong emotions, maintain a sense of courage when feeling vulnerable, understand the nuances of paradox, overcome black and white thinking, and communicate complex emotional states to the people that matter to you most.