Paths: Group | Erin Kuntze, Psy. D.

Many people fall into despair because of their inability to develop and sustain gratifying interpersonal relationships. As a group therapist, I strongly model my theoretical orientation based on Dr. Irving Yalom's theory of group psychotherapy. In essence, the group context and group process  is explicitly utilized as a mechanism of change by developing, exploring and examining interpersonal relationships within the group. In this sense, many find that group therapy expands and deepens the work done in individual therapy, as witnessing the process of other group members can deepen insight about your own patterns of thought and behavior.

This ongoing psychotherapy group is open to men and women from all walks of life that are seeking insight and support from others. This group is offered on Tuesday evenings from 5:30pm – 6:45pm. If you are interested in participating, contact me and we can discuss the details.