Paths: Couples | Erin Kuntze, Psy. D.

Experiences you have in early relationships create a blueprint for the sense of safety and security you bring to adult relationships. Also, dynamics manifested early on in the relationship can become problematic. Because of this, relationships are complex and confusing, and it can be difficult to know when to get your relationship into treatment.

Setting aside time to attend to and nurture your relationship is one of the biggest expressions of love a couple can make. It can also be anxiety-inducing to let an outside observer into your most vulnerable space. However, insecurities that have been carried through life can wreak havoc for a couple if they go unresolved. When you get a hunch that therapy can help, it's important to listen to your intuition.

In treatment, there will be a focus on helping you change your relationship by growing and changing personally. I will encourage you to tolerate hearing and saying difficult things, and help you find ways to soothe your own emotions. I will nurture your ability to hold onto yourself while maintaining a close relationship with your partner.

However, the primary focus in couples therapy is always on the dynamics within your relationship. The goal is to take an honest look at your relationship, identify your feelings, articulate your experience, and take responsibility for what you bring into the dynamics between you and your partner. I will help you work through difficult dynamics in session so they have the potential to shift outside of session.