About: Erin Kuntze Psyd: Clinical Training | Erin Kuntze, Psy. D.

I was licensed by the state of California in 2010, and have since continued to freshen and hone my clinical skills through classes, workshops, and conferences. In particular, I am currently a student in the psychoanalytic psychotherapy program at the Los Angeles Institute and Society for Psychoanalytic Studies  (LAISPS), a stepping stone to my ultimate goal of becoming a psychoanalyst. Additionally, I regularly attend conferences and classes that relate to working with couples, working with sexual minorities, integrating mindfulness and neuroscience into psychodynamically oriented work, among other topics.

Prior to licensure (and after completing three years of coursework at CIIS), I completed my pre- and post-doctoral training at The Saturday Center for Psychotherapy  in West Los Angeles (Santa Monica). Here, my training focused on the implementation of intersubjective, process oriented psychodynamic techniques. During this year my private practice consisted of individuals and couples from all walks of life seeking long-term individual and group psychotherapy. During my two years at the center I was supervised by Dr. Bruce Brodie, Dr. Judith Davenport, Dr. Susan Frankel, Steve Kadel, MFT, Dr. Ken Scott, Dr. Judy Swerling, Dr. Daniela Walder, and Dr. Cynthia Wong.

Earlier in my career, I completed a year-long training program at Mission Mental Health Services  in San Francisco. Here, I saw non-insured clients in individual therapy, and my clients were primarily Latino immigrants and adults in the LGBTQQ community. I worked with clients struggling with depression, anxiety, psychosis, homelessness, and addiction among other issues. My supervision focused on cultural competency and the integration of humanistic and psychodynamic techniques in this community mental health setting. During this year I was supervised by Dr. Michael Barbee, who specializes in community mental health issues as well as issues particular to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

At my first graduate-level placement I trained at Pacific Institute  in San Francisco. Here, I conducted individual, group, and family therapy at an assisted living facility. I worked alongside doctors, nurses, caregivers, hospice volunteers, and psychiatrists with adults struggling with various forms of dementia, anxiety, depression, psychosis, and/or chronic illness. My work integrated existential, transpersonal, process work, and expressive arts therapeutic techniques. I also trained and worked closely with Zen Hospice  volunteers as I learned to care for the dying. During this year I was supervised by Dr. Doris Bersing, Dede Estey, and Dr. Nader Shabahangi, who are well-known for their work in cross-cultural and gero-psychology.

While these experiences occurred after I began graduate school, my interest in clinical psychology began as an undergraduate. At the University of Michigan  I worked on a sexual assault crisis line and outreach team ( SAPAC ) for three years. This experience led me to my decision to pursue an advanced degree in clinical psychology.